Why we created this blog?

The three of us choose to cater to black people who have the same interests as ours and this is the reason why we created this website. We would like to be able to share more information to people who are interested with the same topics we discuss in every blog post that we contribute in this site. Hopefully we could inspire others with the topics we discuss on this site and provide readers as much information they need in any related niche.

How long since we have known each other?

The three of us have been together as friends since our elementary days. We have shared the same interesting things and experience throughout our childhood until now. Since, we have achieved a lot in life, we would like to allow people to explore what we have explored and experience what we have experienced. We believe that in encouraging people to move on and do the best in their lifetime will allow them to succeed in anything that they do. We don’t only want to inspire but we also want to help people like us grow.

Is it possible to suggest any particular topics to discuss on this blog?

Yes, we encourage readers to participate in any interactive features of this website. If you have any topics that you want us to discuss, you can feel free to send us what you think by filling up the contact form on this site. We will be more than happy to post relevant content about the topic you suggest.

How can I help black communities?

There are various African-American organizations that serve the black communities. You can take part in their program and services and be one and also an inspiration for these people. Here are a couple of communities you can look into:

African American Planning Commission (AAOPC) Inc.

This non-profit organization which is based in New York City has the commitment of addressing various issues in African-American communities such as unemployment, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, mental illness, shortage in low-cost housing as well as committing to the reduction of homelessness. They are committed to serving communities through social service, housing assistance and be an organization that can truly contribute to economic development.

You can visit their website through this link: http://aapci.org/site/

National Black MBA Association

This organization is more devoted to building partnerships that will come about in creating economic and intellectual wealth in African-American communities. The organization already has 9000 members and is currently representing for about 300 corporate partners where all operates around leadership, employment as well as education. The programs they provide are forward-looking to serve as an inspiration for the economic and intellectual growth of their members.

You can visit their website through this link: http://www.nbmbaa.org/aboutus/generalInfo.aspx